Pina Colada balloon garland kit - 98 pieces

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Pina Colada balloon garland arch kit - 98 pieces.
5inch: 10pcs white, 10pcs macaron yellow, 10pcs macaron orange, 10pcs macaron blue 10inch: 10pcs tiffany blue, 5pcs rose gold, 10pcs macaron orange 12inch: 5pcs white, 10pcs yellow, 4pcs rose gold confetti, 4pcs chrome green 18inch: 3pcs white, 4pcs rose gold 1pc 5m long plastic chain 1roll white ribbon 1roll dispensing glue(100pcs/lot)

Shape Style: Round
Classification: Balloon
Material: Latex
Occasion: Wedding & Engagement
Occasion: Christening & Baptism
Occasion: Birthday Party
Occasion: Anniversary
Number of Pcs: 98pcs